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 Most of us have been to bars where Karaoke was the event of the evening, right? So how is JuJu Lab different than all the rest?

JuJu Lab has over 30,000 songs you can choose from. YEP! You read that right...30,000 songs AND counting!


Pricing is $300 for a 4 hour stand alone event and $150 for up to 2 hours as an add-on service with one of our other services.

What else makes JuJu Lab Karaoke different? 

There's no running around trying to find who has one of the song books in the entire place. No books with pages missing or that haven't been updated since mullets were in style.


When you book your Karaoke event with us, your guests will be able to access our catalog of songs right online via their phone's internet browser. What's more, is that the catalog is always up to date with the latest hits. You see? With JuJu Lab, we try to keep things simple. That leaves more time for the fun!

Check our availability and book your inner rock star here!

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