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Get Ready

Custom: We tailor our entertainment services to the needs and vision of your event . Not sure what that vision is quite yet? That's okay!  With our years of production experience we can help you mold that vision by providing bespoke and custom entertainment options!
Creative: We are relentless when it comes to finding unique experiences and stunning audio-visuals for you and your guests to enjoy. Simply doing what every one else is doing isn't good enough for JuJu Lab Entertainment Services.  We'd rather stand out from the crowd and YOU are the one who benefits from that tireless mission. Let us put our creativity at work for you! 
Collaborative: We believe that the "good juju" ... the magic..truly happens when people work together. Combining our music and production knowledge with your vision is an honor. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, personal, professional, and knowledgeable experts in our craft.

Who's behind JuJu Lab ?



Tom Senn is the owner and operator of JuJu Lab. As a DJ, percussionist and professionally trained vocalist, he has many years of combined entertainment experience performing in a variety of settings and venues. He has also been contracted out locally for production and design for audiences of up to 1,500 attendees. As an artist, he has the eye for design and the musical talent you need to make your event premiere.

Juju Lab Table Cloth Vectors_2 .jpg

Why JuJu?



JuJu means magic...a good vibe!


That is exactly what we provide through our lighting design, live vocal performances and DJ services.  We create the magic to make your event unforgettable.  What's more is we've been using our creativity to create good vibes for 25 years.

Whether you have your dream wedding around the corner, a tailgating party planned, a corporate event, sweet 16, pool party or just a simple get together,  let JuJu Lab take care of the fun and entertainment for you and your guests! It's your turn ... to feel the magic!

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